Shannon Sturm | About


I started taking and manipulating photos in an attempt to express a silent voice inside me that I could not express through writing. Being able to capture emotions - from the feeling of complete awe welling up inside while standing at the foot of an incredible mountain to the feeling of joy at finding first flower in spring- and make them into visual art is a constant journey for me. It has lead me to cross paths with many wonderful people as well as to discover many amazing new places that have both enriched and inspired me to keep moving forward and constantly improve my skills as a photographer. I strive not only to create beautiful photos, but also to connect with the viewer in a very special way and have found there is no right or wrong way to take a photo, as long as that photo expresses what the artist is aspiring to portray. That said, I hope you will take a few minutes of your precious time to check out my work! ---------- Always Creating With Love, Shannon

Portraiture, Nature/Wildlife, Landscape, Fine Art photography based in Jasper, Alberta.